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Functional nanostructures are the enabling basis for today’s and tomorrow’s nanotechnology. Our research group focuses on how to improve functional nanostructures in a wide array of applications, ranging from semiconductor nano-manufacturing to energy and clean water production. We combine research in polymer systems, block copolymer self-assembly, and inorganic materials growth inside polymers together with advanced characterizations technique such as TEM imaging, 3D characterization with TEM tomography, and X-ray scattering to understand and control the next generation of functional nanostructures.


February 2018

The team has gone to this year’s Israel Material science Engineering Conference (IMEC 2018) at the Dead Sea.

On the first day, Tamar gave a wonderful presentation about SIS and the various applications that we do with it.

On the second day, Assaf & Inbal presented posters about their research advancements.

This was a great opportunity to hear about recent developments and broaden our knowledge in all the different areas of material science.

January 2017

We have recently been to the 2018 Israel Polymers & Plastics Society conference (IPPS 2018).

In this event Neta gave a great talk about the SIS procedure and investigation of the process.

Also, Inbal and Assaf both presented posters in the poster session.

It was a very exciting opportunity to meet other researchers from the polymer community.

December 2017

In this Fall’s issue of the Technion’s magazine, Assaf is mentioned for receiving an award from the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical engineering.


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We are looking for outstanding and highly motivated Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, or other related background M.Sc. and Ph.D. students that enjoy working in a team environment

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Dr. Tamar Segal-Peretz is a Horev Fellow supported by the Taub Foundation

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